Our Foundation

Since May 16, 2013, the Noufissa Pharma 5 Foundation works, at its level, to democratize access to care and improve the living conditions of thousands of people in Africa.
Our initiatives and actions are being reinforced year by year, with our partners, for an even more promising future!

Care Access
Contribute to the basic human right of access to good quality medicines and healthcare through : Medical caravans, screening campaigns, medicine donations, medical supplies and funds in priority in Morocco, Arica and Middle east to reconstruct the basis of a decent life in conflicts areas and after natural disasters.
Sunbeam at the hospital
Lighten the day-to-day life of sick or disabled children, through regular fun activities and events.
Repair damaged and rebuild destroyed schools, modernise equipment, finance supplies and take in charge studies fees.
Daily commitment to preserve the environment through waste management solutions. Encourage employees participation in major clean-up operations.
Organize and support actions that introduce youngsters to culture through art projects.