• «I constantly make the quality of our medicines a top priority»

    Anas, Quality control
    PhD in chemistry – 5 years of experience

  • «I make sure that ethics and transparency are respected on a daily basis»

    Khadija, Research and Development and Quality Control
    PhD in Biological and Medical Engineering, 23 years of experience

  • «I am always proud to contribute in our commitment to help the most disadvantaged populations through the actions of our foundation»

    Hicham, Noufissa Pharma 5 Foundation projects
    Bac+5 in Management and International Trade, 15 years of experience

  • «Every day, I am even prouder to develop the Moroccan drug of tomorrow»

    Abderrahmane, Research and development
    Galenic development manager, 18 years of experience

Since December 2015, Pharma 5 Laboratories have put on the market the First 100% Moroccan Anti-Hepatitis C Drug….

In October 2017, Pharma 5 launched TEFOVIR® Pharma 5 aimed at treating Hepatitis B.

As the state’s leading supplier of 100% Moroccan Tuberculosis treatments for over 25 years, Pharma 5 has been actively fighting against this disease. Alongside the public authorities, the laboratory is participating in the national efforts to raise awareness and treat this disease, which is still very prevalent in Morocco.

“Our initiatives in favour of access to healthcare have been built up year after year over the last 5 years through a duty of solidarity… “

access to health care

sunshine in the hospital


environmental protection