A regional success story

In December 2015, Pharma  5 launched the first 100% Moroccan C-hepatitis drug

This first-ever national and regional success has been made possible thanks to an unprecedented partnership between the private and public sectors : namely the Ministry of Health of the Kingdom of Morocco and Pharma 5.

This new drug belongs to the last generation of direct-action antivirals, that will allow affordable and definitive treatment of more than 625,000 Moroccans with C-hepatitis disease.

The affordability of this revolutionary drug also allows to contemplate full eradication of C-hepatitis is Morocco, in accordance with the ambition set by the national health authorities.

In March 2016, Pharma 5 pursuedits involvement in the struggle against C-hepatitis in MoroccoThree months after the launch of SSB 400 on the Moroccan market, Pharma 5 launched the complementary treatments Dakasvir and Rivabir, both 100% Moroccan, which are required to the complete, fast and efficient treatment of the main C-hepatitis genotypes registered in Morocco.

The associations with Sofosbuvir and/or Daclatasvir and/or Ribavirine allow to reach a 95% healing rate vs. 50% with former treatments for 1 and 2 C-genotypes hepatitis C which represent 99% of this viral disease in Morocco.

The said complementary treatments offer another substantial advantage: their low level of toxicity. Taking these complementary drugs implies very few undesirable effects as opposed to the former ones.

Press Review : SSB 400