Our Values

F for Family
Pharma 5 is a family business : Shareholders and Top management are 100% family

Mr Abdellah Lahlou Filali, Founder and Chairman , directs the Pharma 5 Group with his two daughters, Mrs. Myriam Lahlou Filali , and Mrs. Yasmine Lahlou Filali and considers all its collaborators as family members, and vice versa

I for Independence
With our R & D laboratory , we design and manufacture 99% of our products, the primary objective of Pharma 5 Laboratories being the national's independence in terms of production and availability of medicines
E for Excellence
The Culture of Excellence has always guided the Pharma 5 Group , which allowed it to grow on solid and sustainable bases. International Certifications and Official Approvals of the Group confirm
R for Responsibility
Pharma 5 Group is a socially responsible company by offering quality assured products and through its philanthropy actions with the Noufissa Pharma 5 Foundation . Pharma 5 Laboratory aims to make within everyone's reach a quality medication at an affordable price. That commitment , taken at birth of thr Laboratory , remains the motive of our actions and the basis of our development policy
S for Singularity
All these values ​​make the difference and helped distinguish the Pharma 5 Group while always bearing in mind to stay Singular .