Our Values

F for Family
Our family consists of all our employees, who are united and motivated by the same duty, always sincere and authentic in accomplishing their tasks.
I for Independency
Autonomy has been a value and a leitmotiv ever since our early beginnings. Our top duty is National Sufficiency in terms of the manufacturing and availability of medicines.
E for Excellence
Ranking among the top 5 companies of the sector, being recognized by the medical profession for the quality of our products and our relationships, having been certified by the most stringent international certification bodies is the result of our continuous pursuit of excellence in our daily work.
R for Responsibility
One of our key commitments is to make quality medicine affordable to all: because, as far as we are concerned, quality of care starts with access to care.
S for Simplicity
Humility is in our DNA and is reflected in our daily activities through our availability and caring of others, without value judgment or any bias in treatment.