Reporting an Adverse Drug Reaction

Reporting an Adverse Drug Reaction

Pharmacovigilance aims to ensure the safe use of medicines available in Morocco by continuously monitoring their adverse effects and assessing the benefit/risk ratio of these products.

Through the collection, recording and scientific evaluation of information relating to adverse reactions associated with the use of our medicines, Pharma 5 participates in the protection of human health.

The Pharma 5 pharmacovigilance unit is in contact with the health authorities, in particular the Moroccan Centre for Pharmacovigilance (CMPV). This unit proposes measures to reduce any risks associated with the use of our medicines and promotes their proper use.

PHARMA 5 Pharmacovigilance Unit:
Email :
Phone : 00 212 5 22 59 39 39
Fax : 00 212 522 59 39 40

National Pharmacovigilance Center
Emergency phone : 00 212 5 37 68 64 64
or Economic phone number: 0801 000 180
Fax : 00 212 5 37 77 71 79

Reporting Adverse Drug Reactions


Gender* : MF

Hospitalized due to adverse reaction* : YesNo


Speciality and presentation*INN* (Active Substance)Dosage and route of administration*Start Date*If due, end date*Indications*


Observed adverse reaction(s)*Date of occurrence*Possible end dateDevelopment* (favourable, not yet recovered, squeal, death, hospitalization or prolongation of hospitalization, unknown)


The clinic, chronology of events, possible corrective treatment, differential diagnoses eliminated, recurrence of the disorders in case of a reintroduction of the related drug.
If applicable, please attach any hospitalization or consultation report and/or any biological report related to the suspected effect.

Case Description*


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