Research & Development

Innovation in treatment have always been the hallmarks of Pharma 5’s strategy. We continually research and innovate. Over 90% of our products are designed in our Research & Development unit.

The Group has the largest generic R&D team in the moroccan industry, enjoying technological supremacy, possessing capabilities in a wide range of dosage forms and therapeutic areas and developing specialized product families.

Rather than continuing to develop just a few generic pharmaceuticals a year, we are strengthening our R&D capabilities in terms of personnel and research equipment so that we might develop several generics a year. With 350 items, Pharma 5 boasts one of the largest line-ups of generic products of any moroccan innovative medicine manufacturer.

Pharma 5 is well recognized for its innovation in pharmaceutical R&D. Important human and material resources ensure the permanent development of powerful medicines, that meet full GMP and International quality standards.