Noufissa Pharma 5 Foundation, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), the Moroccan Family Planning Association (AMPF) and the Ministry Delegate to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, in charge of Moroccans residing abroad and of migration affairs, concluded a “strategic partnership to facilitate access to health, education and economic integration for refugees in Morocco” on April 2 in Casablanca. This new public-private partnership is “an illustration of the shared responsibility in managing the migration issues. An approach that Morocco advocates in its National Immigration and Asylum Strategy (SNIA)”. 

“The foundation shares the noble mission of providing vulnerable populations, including refugees, with solutions to meet their health needs,” says Myriam Lahlou Filali, CEO of Pharma 5 and Vice-President of the Noufissa Foundation. 

“We have analyzed the needs for medicines and we are committed to these people as a corporate citizen. It is an act of solidarity and mutual aid towards migrants who are forced to leave their country reluctantly,” adds Myriam Lahlou Filali. 

Regarding the economic integration, this partnership shall take the form of internships for refugees and recruitment opportunities among refugees at Pharma 5, as well as support for self-entrepreneurial projects carried out by refugees.